Head of Oraganization Message

I am very grateful to have been the responsibility to be a component of Noble Cause Foundation. Noble Cause Foundation is very proximate to my heart as it was commenced with an abundance of sincerity and veracity by my own self back in cessation of 2015 only with a vision to give back to the society. I am emanating from a minuscule village of Mianwali Punjab Pakistan, having to struggle a lot to reach where I am today, I am very well understood the paramountcy of that one opportunity an abundance of people await in rural and impecuniosity stricken areas. We at Noble Cause Foundation believe in giving that missing opportunity to the several youth and women through our free adeptness development schools and our women empowerment projects. Our objective is not just providing adeptness development, but to give them sustainable livelihood by opening up sundry employability options for them. We comprise of a group of committed professionals working hands-on like a professional organization but with the values and ethics of a non-profit. Values are something we all thrive on. As a component of the Noble Cause Foundation kineticism, the prosperity and the true sense of making a difference lie in our notion that it takes only a veracious thrive by a few groups of committed denizens to make a considerable amount of difference. We’ve been perpetually growing and learning through our involution with other Industrial/Community stake holders. Our prosperity is the community’s prosperity. With the perpetual support of our donors, partners, Board and volunteers, Noble Cause Foundation is yare for the challenges and achievements ahead in 2018-19. Come be a component of our mission.


Shahid Iqbal Khan
Executive Director and CEO